¿ WHO AM I ?

Mireia Pla

Head Interior Designer

I’m dynamic, inquisitive and creative by nature. I firmly believe in the principles of feng shui when it comes to decoration.
I’ve always found it amazing how spaces have an effect on people and how they have the power to change feelings and moods.

I DON’T design. Instead I create sensations in a home by applying all the principles of good design, which is the aim of all my projects.

I studied at the Chelsea College of Arts in London because I believe that it’s a mecca for interior design and I felt that these schools took a more realistic, more practical approach to handling actual projects.

I founded my own studio in 2005, which I named Vuong but time ago I decided to stop hiding behind this brand and to use my real name because at the end of the day, companies are made of people.

My projects are also possible thanks to my excellent team of professionals who work with care and dedication, and most importantly, love what they do.